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Performing Arts

Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2023

Call for submission

We are pleased to announce a Call for submission of Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2023.

There are no restrictions of age, nationality, gender, and form of work.

Every art format is acceptable, such as the plastic art, audio-visual, music, dance, installation work, any kind of collaboration, and realtime-remote-session (if you want to hold as your own host, please see the extra rule below), but should take the form witch can be exhibited on web page (the link of You Tube, Facebook, or of your work, or the file(s) of picture, sounds, etc. ).


Festival period: 1st July – 9th July 2023

Dead line: no deadline.

You can submit your work even if during this festival.

Entry fee: no entry fee

Festival place:

Host: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival Committee

Co-host: Tokyo International Thought Arts Cross (TITAC)


・Submission Rule


Please fill following information and send to


1. artist name

2. bio (about 200 words, which can include your photo)

3. title of your work

4. notes of your work (about 200 words)

5. information of your work (URL, size of picture or movie, etc.)

6. your personal information (real name, E-Mail address, zip cord, address,

    phone number).

    This is required for preventing any trouble, and we don’t disclose those

    personal information on Web page.

7. other ( any question and link of your home page, if you want)


8.Works and performances that have already been presented publicly are acceptable, but in such cases, as a general rule, they must have been presented after 2017.

We will exhibit your work, profile, and link of work on our own page and facebook page.

Please note that size of data you want to send on E-Mail should be low.

If your work has digital-format, you will send whole file after receiving E-Male of our decision of your participation.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us:


・Extra rule for participation of solo exhibition, concert,

  or event as your own host


Please obtain our approval, and mention us as following example:


- Participating in Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

- Sponsorship: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival

- Support: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival


We will exhibit your work with judging your material.

We cannot take responsible if there is any Web trouble.

This call is essentially free opportunity for your representation, but will be held with some limitation.


Tokyo Performing Arts Festival Committee:


Koji Kawai (sound artist)

Aki Sato (choreograper,director)

Lee YONG-UK (video-artist, professor of Tokyo Polytechnic University) and other.

Masafumi Oda (media artist)

​Director: Fumio Sato

Produce: TPAF

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